Supporting research

Why should an organisation like ONZA want to foster research? In part, this desire relates to ONZA’s role in Arts advocacy, including learning in and through the arts. The claims of Arts advocates are very much strengthened by evidence that is grounded in research. The establishment of ONZA itself in 2005 became a stimulus for research, particularly in relation to the improvement of classroom practice.

In 2006, ONZA signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the University of Waikato  in part to help foster a culture of music education research at the University and beyond. The resulting Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Education (Music Education) became goals for the many teachers that the Memorandum attracted to this University. However, changes in the University’s priorities and cost-cutting led to its termination of the Memorandum in 2016.

Koro The research listed below in chronological order is impressive testimony to ONZA’s success in encouraging practitioners and academics to investigate aspects of classroom practice that have a relationship with Orff-based principles and practices. Where possible, we provide an abstract and a link to the full (downloadable) text.