2017 Auckland Marimba Festival

We have an exciting new repertoire for the 2017 ONZA Marimba Festival: Songs from the Forest. A tricky arrangement of Gunild Keetman’s Kanon 19, sits alongside “The Totara Tree”  by visiting American Orff presenter Mary Helen Solomon. Hirini Melbourne’s “Kakapo”, and “Pipi Manu E” plus original works from New Zealand educators Clare McCormack, and Dylan Symonds, add a real local flavour. “In the Mist” from 9-year-old Ayesha Hayat-Frost sets the scene for a children’s celebration like no other. All teachers are welcome to attend playthroughs if they are interested in learning more about the festival or the Orff Approach. The next is at 2pm on Saturday 5 August at Wairau Intermediate. Contact philippadrake@vodafone.co.nz for more information. See you at the festival!  Jeremy Hantler

Like the 2015 event, this will take place in the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama.
The date will be Saturday, September 2.

“ONZA is the heartwood of this Marimba Festival kauri tree!
Our teachers are the branches,
The songs are the leaves, sap and lifeblood of the tree.
The children are the birds singing their sweet songs and building their nests in the glory of it”
  Jeremy Hantler
  Musical Director,
  Marimba Festival 

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To get a taste of the 2015 occasion, click on Marimba Festival Youtube clip, or visit the ONZA Index page to view a range of thrilling videos based around the 2016 festival.