Lindo Francis Musical Instrument Grant: 2017

In order to acknowledge the contribution made by Lindo Francis to music education in Aotearoa/NZ, ONZA has established a fund based on the koha donations collected at Auckland’s Marimba Festival. Awards are made annually to support the purchase of instruments for an Orff Schulwerk programme.

In 2017 a grant of $1500 will be awarded. Schools and community groups that have a current organisational membership of ONZA are eligible to apply. (Click on the link for ONZA membership information.)

NB: The deadline for applications is Friday 31 March 2017.

All applications will be considered by an independent panel coordinated by the ONZA Vice-President or a nominee. Applicants will be notified of the outcome early in Term 2.

Please include the following information in your written application:

  1. Evidence of ONZA organisational membership;
  2. Programme outline:
    • In what context, and by whom, will the instruments  be used?
    • How many students/participants will be involved?
    • Details of  your programme and how it will  be run;
    • Your achievement/performance objectives for 2017-2018;
  3. Endorsement from a principal or referee:

Remember, applications close Friday, 31 March 2017.
E-mail or post your application to Robyn McQueen at or PO Box 24-432 Royal Oak Auckland 1345.

The 2016 award was given to  Patricia Avenue School, Hamilton and their teacher Shona How. Shona writes:

We purchased dejembe of various sizes and the students from junior to senior school have on a daily basis accessed these instruments.  Receiving this grant has enabled a class of students to each have an identical instrument has therefore enriched their rhythmical experiences. This instrument provides a great sense of achievement and fun is an active ingredient  during the learning.

We attach two photos of the students. One is of a student, Keegan  – his facial expression says it all!  The other photo is of the junior students working with Renee our Music Specialist.  The children were captured by the sounds that they produced and celebrated success in the music.

Renee and Juniors drum the ONZA way.
Keegan the Groover

Background to the award


Lindo Francis passed away on 15 July 2009. For those of us that trained at North Shore or Auckland Teachers College; for those of us that have had instruments repaired and made playable and beautiful again; for those of us that have had arrangements made for our marimba groups; for those of us that have experimented with “junk” in making fun junk percussion; we have all been touched by this wonderful, positive and supportive man. A friend, a mentor and one of the all0time nice guys, who contributed so much to Music Education in New Zealand. Lindo was a life member of ONZA. He was a great supporter of the marimba festivals.

Clare McCormack

There are certain people who touch the lives of those they know in a very special way. Knowing them brings us joy and inspiration and, when they’ve gone, the memories of their warm, guiding presence stay with us.

Lindo Francis was my lecturer, my colleague, my mentor and my friend. Those of us lucky enough to have been touched by Lindo’s magic will never forget the excitement of discovering a new sound, the sheer joy of making music together and the inspiration to cross musical boundaries.

Lindo never sought praise – his accomplishments spoke for themselves. For him, the rewards came from seeing the pleasure that so many gained from his musical creations. With his typical generosity, Lindo would take great delight in sharing his innovations with others, always accompanied with a beaming smile and a heart-felt sense of fun. “J3”, his teaching space, was a treasure trove of musical “goodies” and, upon each visit there would always be something new and exciting.

Let us also remember, with great fondness, the man, as well as the musician. We will all have our own special memories of Lindo. For me, it is the cheeky smile, the easy conversation, the cheery ‘Buongiorno’ at my office door and, of course, the red jumper! When we walked across campus together, I felt as though I was the in the company of a movie star! People’s faces would light up when they saw Lindo and he always seemed to know their names.

Lindo’s genius will continue to inspire both young and old for many years to come. It is up to us, as music educators, to keep Lindo’s memory alive through our teaching and through our music-making and to celebrate the musical gifts that we were so lucky to have shared.”

Robyn Trinick

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